Role Plays

c a r i n g  f r i e n d

Hair Pamper posted November 2016


Ear Play posted June 2016


n e w  k i d n a p p e r

Part 1 posted March 2017


k i d n a p p i n g

Part 2 posted April 2017


Part 3 posted June 2017


Part 1 posted January 2016


Part 2 posted March 2016


Part 3 posted April 2016


Part 4 posted July 2016


Part 5 posted September 2016


m i s c e l l a n e o u s


Mysterious Flirt posted October 2017


Little Shop of Horrors posted August 2017


Guardian Angel posted July 2017


Face Painting posted June 2017


Pet Store posted March 2017


Eye Exam posted February 2017


Cranial Nerve Exam posted January 2017


The Asylum Pt 2 posted October 2016


The Asylum Pt 1 posted September 2016


Interrogation posted July 2016