Role Plays


Foreign Country posted March 2018


Love Goddess posted January 2918


Poison Ivy posted October 2017


c a r i n g  f r i e n d

Be My Valentine? posted February 2017


Comfort with Popping Candy posted August 2016


k i d n a p p i n g

Part 1 posted August 2016


Part 2 posted October 2016


m i s c e l l a n e o u s


Bar Escort posted November 2017


"Open Marriage" posted July 2017


Flirty Stranger posted July 2017


Let's Dance posted July 2017


Psycho Chick posted May 2017


Masseuse 2 posted May 2017


Spring Cleaner posted April 2017


Nurse #3 posted April 2017


Gold Digger Date posted March 2017


Nurse #2 posted February 2017


Masseuse posted February 2017


Mrs Claus's Favor posted December 2016


Nurse posted October 2016


Maid posted October 2016


Mermaid posted September 2016